TiaMarie Harrison M.S. ECE/SPED

TiaMarie Harrison - Founder


TiaMarie earned her Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has been working with children and families for over 20 years. 

Working With Families

Her career has included building relationships and working with families and children both diagnosed with a disability and non-diagnosed but show concerns with behavioral challenges, developmental difficulties and/or sensory sensitivities.  She is dedicated to offering hands-on support to families for all children to thrive.  

Teaching Experience

TiaMarie has taken her experience working in homes and schools as a teacher, early interventionist and special education educator to create various supports for children to succeed at home and in school settings.  Support to parents and teachers includes active coaching and teaching skills needed to build confidence in themselves to affect positive change.  

Within Support LLC

Within Support offers comprehensive parent coaching and education in a variety of settings. Our approach fosters the individuality of ongoing recommendations and strategies through hands-on assistance to families, educators, and service providers.  Within Support is committed to guiding families and children along the path of health, well-being, and confidence via a strong foundation of cognitive and social-emotional development. 

Services offered

 Within Support provides consultations and observations for families and schools in areas of behavior, education, homeschooling and social skills.  

  • Personalized, focused coaching sessions help children and families meet daily challenges.
  • In-home, in-school and community support services utilizing a team approach. 

Within Support provides Professional Growth hours (Early Childhood/Child Development), Customized Consultations and Presentations. 

The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games To Teach Social and Emotional Learning

Authors TiaMarie Harrison  and Maja Watkins